Bristol Sound, Lighting and AV Hire

Sound, Lighting, Audio Visual Services Bristol

Magnum have the pleasure to be able to offer a wide range of services for Bristol. Our services cover Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual in a variety of aspects. Whether you need a PA system for a concert, a sound system and lighting for a wedding or conference solution. Below is a list of the services available.

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Sound / PA Hire Bristol

We hold a huge range of items in our sound hire stock. Everything from industry standard microphones to large festival concert systems. We also hold associated equipment for productions such as communication and IT equipment.

We hold a range of different sized PA’s suitable for Bands as well as Festivals based on the size of your event. Our Packages Range from a Band PA for an audience of 200 people to a festival PA for any audience.

We can tailor School Show Systems to your particular requirements. Our standard Packages include Shotgun Mics on the Stage, a small pack of radio mics, and a PA System.

We also supply a range of 100V Line Showgrounds Systems. These include systems for Horse Calling, Show Rings and Commentary Vehicles.  We are also able to supply 2-way Radios for your event.

Funeral Sound Hire Bristol

Our sound department is also known for the provision of specific/bespoke systems at any venue to relay funeral services in a sympathetic way. This includes providing a simple external link where space is restricted inside the venue. Quality systems give vocal and music sound enhancement for the funeral service as well as graveside dedications. An experienced sound engineer will be present throughout to manage and operate the equipment.

Lighting Hire Bristol

Our Lighting hire department caters for every production and event. In Production, the creative lighting of concerts, festivals and stage musicals is easily achieved. Likewise, with architectural lighting, we can light up buildings, marquees and large open spaces.

An essential part of any lighting rig is support. Our hire catalogue gives you an idea of cost for a variety of lighting fixtures and packages.

Audio Visual / AV Hire Packages Bristol

 Magnum provides the highest quality video equipment available for conference, productions and events. Working with industry partners, there is no event too large for our team to undertake.

Below are links to some of our more popular audiovisual packages but the best advice is to contact us with your exact requirements. We have an in-house production facility for display material, video production and sound editing to give your production the complete professional finish.

Conference Hire Bristol

Conference hire Bristol

 As well as the provision of Audio Visual equipment, we supply a diverse range of conference equipment to our clients. Everything associated with conferences is available. We supply our conference clients with Lecterns, delegate microphone systems, autocue and cue lights.

We can also create custom designed sets and backdrops to your exact specification. This can range from basic draping to a CAD designed set with integrated video and custom branding. All these can be tailored to your budget and operating timelines.

For larger conferences, we assign a project manager to a client. Your project manager will oversee different departments of the event team. This ensures we meet your exact goals and requirements, while not exceeding your budget.

Live HD Video Streaming Bristol

 We have recently invested in expanding our audiovisual equipment stock to allow full 1080P streaming of events and conferences live to many services. These include Youtube and Livestream. Whether you need to stream a keynote speech or allow family to watch your special day please, contact us.

Stage Hire Bristol

Set and Stage Hire Bristol

We know that it can be difficult for some of our clients to organise the correct stage system for their event. We stock a wide range of stages at our warehouse. The type of staging we supply ranges from a simple flat deck to a large outdoor covered stage across the UK.

The sourcing of staging and associated equipment goes beyond organising logistics.

It also involves ensuring that chosen roof structures are appropriate for any supported production equipment. This may include sound, Lighting, Audio Visual, or any combination of the 3. This usually involves weight loading as well as physical space on stage.

Full Production Hire Bristol

Magnum has worked with many event organisers in putting together the highest quality productions. Our extensive experience in live events means we are able to guide you with any aspect of a production. We have expertise in sound, lighting, audio visual as well as Pyrotechnics.

We will assign you an experienced project manager for your event. Your project manager will co-ordinate all departments involved in realising your production. This project manager will also be able to tell on where to find other service providers you may need.