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Below are a few real-life examples of installations carried out by Magnum Sound. Please keep an eye out on our news pages for all the latest installations.

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Gwendraeth School

Princess Gwenllian Hall

The Queens Hall

  Gwendraeth Hall

Logic System CA Flown Line Array

Control Room

Dimmer Room with Patch Bay

Quad Truss On Stage Rig

FOH Truss

Ysgol y Gwendraeth, Carmarthenshire

  We were successful in winning the contract to complete a full technical install of sound, lighting, rigging and acoustic treatment at a brand new state-of-the-art Community theatre / hall at Ysgol Gwendraeth in Drefach near Llanelli just 20 miles west of Swansea.

Data Transmission – General Infrastructure

Magnum designers who were heavily involved with the original specification process decided that a generic CAT5 patch system distributed throughout the venue would be the most beneficial method of data transmission for lighting, sound, video and networking protocols. This gives rise to a hugely flexible installation that allows for a diverse degree of future development or temporary event accommodation. In all there are over 40 CAT5 points throughout the auditorium, stage and rigs.


Magnum was responsible for installing a sound system that would function well as a front of house PA for such events as school shows and any wider uses from external companies. Magnum was also contracted to install an extension to the school's paging announcement system.

Front of House

For the FOH PA system, Magnum installed a 4.5k Logic System Ethos CA rig with a left / right hang of 4 x CA's for mid to high range representation and 1 x B300 to accommodate the low-end frequencies per side. Instead of the arrays being flown at each side of the stage area, both were hung together with a central skew of 45 degrees at stage centre. The PA was rigged using a custom made fly-frame which was flown from the steel structure of the hall.

Amplification for the PA is provided by the new Crown XTi series of amps with a Logic System DSP controller. The mixer installed at the hall's air conditioned control room was a Mackie TT24. This digital desk was installed along with its custom developed DS3232 digital snake which transmits 64 channels of high-res audio over a single CAT5 cable.

The only analogue cabling in this system are 8 tie lines which means that the desk can be placed anywhere in the venue and its return signal patchable to the amp rack in the equipment room which is located next door to the control room.


There is provision for two active returns to the stage via an additional Crown XTi, two cabinets are provided but the console is capable of a total of 12 aux outputs which should accommodate almost all users of the hall.

Announcement Paging System

Ysgol Y Gwendraeth already had a single zone system that needed to be extended through into the new building from the existing school. In addition to relaying the main paging signal from the existing school, Magnum installed a localised paging microphone to control the distribution of any input (including the signal from the mic itself) to any of the 5 zones in the building. This allows for segregation of certain areas should this be required during a given event. The usefulness of this option becomes more clear when understanding that the main PA console also has the ability to patch signals through to the paging system. This would allow music to be played to the foyer during a performance but the outside announcement zone could be de-activated for obvious reasons. An additional part to this system is the dual functionality of the ceiling loudspeakers in the dressing rooms. If the zone is selected on the main matrix then it will receive signals from the main system; however, when this zone is switched off it is reverted to a source which relays the show and Stage manager’s announcements to the dressing room.


A standard ASL show ring system was installed with a remote power supply and outlets at all the usual vital areas. This means that all the people who need to talk to each other can do so easily.

Help for the Hearing Impared

To aid those audience members who are hearing impared, Magnum installed an infra-red system supplying a mixture of headsets and induction loop receivers. This system was supplied by Sennheiser. The transmitter has been mounted in the FOH PA hang. This gives a good coverage to the whole hall as long as the reciever is pointed in the direction of the transmitter at center stage!


In the main hall, for the lighting rig at front of house and on stage, a truss structure was required that would be accessible to all persons using it. This brief is not always easy to fulfil especially in schools but Magnum engineers came up with a good solution. It was decided that the best option was a collection of electric chain hoists to raise and lower the FOH truss and main on stage grid. All truss structures were manufactured by Milos.

All truss sections installed are quad barred. The stage rig ia a square quad-truss structure suspended at each corner. Magnum engineers overted some issues with spanning by using solid multi-cube corners instead of standard manufactured corners which cut the span figures in half. The grid is configured using 3 main spans from stage left to stage right.


The hoists that were supplied for the suspension of the truss structures were 6 CM Loadstars from Lift Turn Move (500k 3 phase models). Each hoist can hold up to ½ ton in weight. This means that the truss structures are able to support some serious weight for such a venue.

Hoist Control

As already mentioned, the two lighting rigs needed to be lowered to standard working level. Magnum designed and built a custom motor controller that would be easy to use and very secure.

The unit is isolated independently, there is further isolation provided by the master keylock on/off switch. This is the only keylock switch usable by the venue operators. Each hoist is individually locked in the ‘on’ position; this is set by Magnum and cannot be changed in case a user inadvertently fails to operate a hoist that has been configured to lift a rig within a group. All other controls are straight forward and include ‘rig selection’ – on stage or front of house, raise/lower and of course the go and ES button. When the controller is in operation, a visual beacon and audible alarm sounds to further increase safety measures.


There are many aspects of the lighting in this new development that will not be found in most school installations. Like the audio tranmission structure, the DMX signals are carried over the CAT 5 network.

Internally Wired Bars and Connections

Magnum's team manufactured 6 wired bars with 6 channels on each breaking out to trailing socapexes. 11 socapex outputs from the dimmers were dotted around the venue for these to connect to. Two of the wired bars were placed on either side of the auditorium just in front of the main FOH lighting bar to provide additional lighting angles and coverage for 'floor performances'.

All ethercon, socapex and hot power 16A connections (of which there are 12) are mounted on custom made steel enclosures. Each steel enclosure includes a different configuration of outputs. These enclosures are mounted throughout the venue.


The fixture list is quite basic for the time being but the venue will shortly be investing in additional lanterns. The current line-up includes all the usual theatre fixtures including Fresnels, Provfiles and Floods.


All control duties are carried out by the Grand MA on PC lighting controller run on a notebook. It is possible that other controllers and desks can be used with patching into the existing system an easy task. The node is based in the equipment room and communicates to the PC via the CAT 5 patching system.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic consultants had specified the requirement for acoustic treatment which was installed by Magnum when the building was nearing completion. There were two ways of doing this: acoustic tiling or drapes. It was decided that the best way to treat the room was by draping the walls in a theatre standard wool serge. All drapes were supplied by Black Out.

Along the back wall of the hall drapes were permanently tied. The complete area consists of 8 individual drapes due to the irregular shape of the wall. On either side of the hall, retractable drapes have been fitted so that the power boxes can be accessed as well as to allow the hall to be used for functions other than as a theatre space.

On stage, there is the usual dressing and a centre-opening track to the rear holding a standard two part black cyc. On each side of the stage are 6 legs for the usual purpose.

Projector System

Magnum also retro-fitted a Hitchi digital projector and 3.5m screen on stage.

Project Manager:

Philip Hughes

Lead-in time: 4 - 6 weeks

Completion: 2 - 3 Months
  LED Lighting Rig

Control Panel

Princess Gwenllian Hall, Kidwelly

  Although asked to quote only for an audio installation at this modern spacious venue, the hall’s authorities quickly added to the specification list, a lighting and video system as well as a digital interphone network and blackout blinds.


The main challenge for our design team was to expand the potential uses of the venue without limiting its current invaluable service as a sports hall to the local and wider community. This meant ensuring that sensitive equipment was installed out of harm's way. The hall has a series of nets that are raised in order to protect the ceiling during indoor football matches so the designers agreed that installation of equipment above this barrier would be the best option. The second challenge was brought about by deciding to install at ceiling height (8 meters up) – how would the venue staff maintain and repair the equipment? This issue was solved within budget by the use of highly reliable audio equipment and automated LED lighting.


As the speakers were flown way above the audience’s heads, it was decided that a linear array system would be needed to ensure clarity was not lost in the audio travelling the distance required. Two 4 box, 1 bass hangs were installed each side of the hall pointing backwards and skewed down. A mobile PA rack containing dual CD players, 2 radio mic systems and a Soundcraft mixer were also installed.


Due to the issue with access, it was decided that the best solution for a flexible lighting rig would be to install a 9 meter tri truss with six 27x3w LED moving head units controlled by an intelligent lighting console. The hall authorities then decided to add a further four units while our crew were on site making the system even more flexible.


A 3 meter wide 4:3 electric projector screen was installed along with a Hitachi 4000 ANSI lumen projector. Inputs were provided for video, laptop and HD sources such a Blue-Ray.


Magnum installed excellent value manual blackout roller blinds for each of the hall’s 9 windows with extended chains for ground-level operation.


This is a simple 3 way intercom system between the main desk and conference suites.

Project Manager:

Roger Hughes

Lead-in time: 1 - 2 weeks

Completion: 1 - 2 weeks
  Logic System Flown VA Tops

Amp Rack with LS Controllers

Soundcraft MH2 Mixing Console

Queens Hall, Narberth

  Magnum PA Ltd was approached by the General Manager of the Queens Hall in Narberth to quote for the installation of a new Front of House PA System in the main hall.

The Queens Hall regularly hosts music events with both big names such as Sophie Ellis Bextor and Unkle Jam as well as tribute bands like The Jam Restart (The Jam) and Live Wire (AC/DC). Therefore the installation of a top of the range sound system was essential.

The decision as to what system was to be installed into the hall came from Magnum hiring their own Ethos 6 from the Production Hire department on demo. When the staff at the venue heard the quality of the sound in the hall (which can hold up to 400 people standing), it was decided that the Logic System Ethos 6 would be the PA of choice.


Magnum installed a 12K Logic System Ethos rig consisting of the following (per side):
  • 1 x SB2 placed on the ground underneath the stage
  • 2 x B2s stacked on the stage
  • 3 x VAs flown above the B2's supported from the roof structures on spans of truss
For amplification, Magnum supplied 5 QSC PLX3602 and 1 QSC PLX1802 amps from QSC's PLX2 range and the use of 2 Logic System DP2140 controllers. This makes this PA a 4 way active system.

The monitors that Magnum supplied were Logic Systyem LM12s and 1 B1 to supply low end for the drum fill. The monitor amp rack consists of 3 QSC PLX1802s.

The FOH Mixing Console supplied is a Souncraft MH2 which is used to mix both the FOH and monitor systems through its main left / right output and its further 10 aux ouputs.

To view an article based on this install featured in the industry magazine Lighting and Sound International click here

Project Manager:

Philip Hughes

Lead-in time: 2 - 3 weeks

Completion: 1 - 2 weeks

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